Single Origin Coffees

    These coffees represent different coffee producing regions across the globe. Each bean is from a single country/region that adds unique qualities and flavor notes to the bean.  Altitude, rainfall totals and soil nutrients all contribute to the flavor profile of the final cup.

    Let There Be Light Ethiopian


    Enjoy a clean cup, bright acidity and floral notes. Find lively flavors of citrus, jasmine and cane sugar.

    Tired But Wired Guatemala


    a medium body coffee with tasting notes of milk chocolate, almond, graham cracker & some citrus

    Neon Nights Colombian


    A delicious blend of bittersweet chocolate, caramel, almond and citrus

    Dead Tired Brazil


    A crowd favorite, this classic natural Brazil has familiar notes of baking spices, molasses, and almond, with hints of cocoa powder and orange zest. It has gentle but balanced acidity...

    Brazil Decaf


    This richly sweet Brazil has the classic nut tones and crisp chocolate notes the origin is known for, with gentle acidity and silky body. With notes of cashew butter, baking...

    Cheapest Therapist Honduran


    Coffee is definitely cheaper than therapy!  And once you taste this coffee with notes of bittersweet chocolate, raisin and vanilla you'll get a real serotonin boost without the copay!

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